COVID-19 Page

COVID-19 Precautions Phase 1

Effective Immediately and until further notice:

  • The Indoor Range is CLOSED.
  • Clubhouse use is limited to using the washroom and for emergency aid.
  • All outdoor disciplinesare now open.
  • Both Archery ranges are open.
  • When Shooting on all Outdoor Ranges, use ONLY every other stand.
  • No visitors will be allowed into the club in order to allot more space and shooting time for current members.
  • If you have been travelling outside the country, you shall wait the recommended 14-day isolation period before visiting the club.
  • Maintain the Ontario Public Health recommended separation of at least 2 Meters.
  • If you feel unwell at all, do not visit the club.
  • Members with pre-existing medical conditions should reduce the use of the club.
  • Ensure you bring hand sanitizer and/or disinfectant wipes with you to the club and ensure you clean surfaces before and after each use.
  • Act as if you are infected and have the potential to infect others, or as if everything is infected and you may become infected by what you touch.
  • When entering the club please ensure the sign at the gate is set to CAUTION RANGE IN USE and CLOSE the gate behind you.

There is no need to lock the gate while using the club. The last member leaving the club shall ensure all doors and gate are locked.

These restrictions are to be used in conjunction with the current Range Rules and will be reassessed and updated as conditions change.

The Executive


The Kincardine Nimrod Club is a member owned non-profit organization that provides an excellent opportunity for both members and guests to enjoy sport shooting in a safe, friendly facility.

Our club currently holds competitive shooting disciplines in the IDPA, WOHL, ISU, LSBA and Cowboy Action. Our focus on safety and discipline and our ongoing safety training ensures our club maintains it’s excellent safety record.