Food Bank Donation by the Kincardine Nimrod Club

The Club has donated $1000.00 to the Kincardine Food Bank.

There are many organizations in and around Kincardine that can use financial support. The Club decided to first target the Food Bank as many people, so far, are falling through the government support initiatives and food is essential.

The Kincardine Nimrod Club is Kincardine and area sports shooting range.   Our club, along with other clubs in Ontario, are looking for ways to help our communities during this terrible pandemic. This donation idea was put forth on April 16th and the Club decided to run with it.

To us, it is even more significant now as a result of the terrible tragedy in Nova Scotia over the weekend. Clubs like ours are trying to show the average Canadian that we do not deserve to be painted with the same brush as the criminal elements by some of the press and some  politicians. Canada’s 2.2 million legal firearms owners are not the problem.  As a group we are Canada’s most law abiding and trusted citizens. The perpetrator in NS was not one of us.

Instead, we are collectively a compassionate caring community that is reaching out to provide assistance in our home towns. Together, we can make a difference.  As a club, we are made up of fellow sportsman & woman from ages 12 to over 80, all enjoying one of the safest sports in Canada. Members include people from all walks of life … teachers, politicians, doctors, farmers, dentists, nurses, executives, mechanics, heavy equipment operators, nuclear operators, retirees, lawyers, store staff, students, etc.  Many people do not know that sports shooting is one of the fastest growing sports in Canada and has more registered users than registered hockey players.

The Club is proud to be able to offer support to our community.

Vern Steffler
President, KNC