WOHL = Western Ontario Handgun League

WOHL is an indoor winter handgun target shooting league that pre-COVID, saw various neighbouring Clubs shoot against our Kincardine Club either at our Kincardine Indoor Range or at the other Club’s indoor range. Some of the other Clubs are Port Elgin, Listowel, Harriston, Owen Sound Revolver Club, Bruce Peninsula Sportsman Assoc., etc.

Every couple of weeks from October through April, we hold Matches. Skill level does not matter … you are competing mainly against yourself trying to improve your score each match as well as other shooters in your skill class.

So what does a match look like?
– bring your .22 handgun (no optics) and a minimum of 65 rounds (bring some spares). Semi-auto preferred.
– eye and ear protection required; spotting scope optional to better see your shot placement
– you will be scheduled into a 45 minute time slot
– you will shoot with 2 other KNC Club-WOHL shooters on lanes 1, 3 and 5 (COVID protocols)
– an RSO will control your 12 shooting sessions, each involving 5 shots in a timed period
– optional – to start, you can take 5 shots at a sighting target..these shots are not scored; all targets are shot at 20 yards.

The Match starts:
– on target 1, you take 5 shots in 150 seconds, then repeat.
– on target 2, same as above
– on target 3, you take 5 shots in 20 seconds, then repeat
– on target 4, same as above
– on target 5, you take 5 shots in 10 seconds, then repeat
– on target 6, same as above
Your completed targets are then scored by a fellow shooter and you score another shooters target. And that completes the match for you.

Individual and team scores are consolidated by the WOHL statistician and season awards are presented to the best team, the best shooter in each class and the most improved shooter.

All matches will be on Thursday evenings or Sunday afternoon per the schedule. Non-match Thursday evenings are reserved and available for indoor practice sessions.

The matches run from late October through early April. You are not required to attend every match.

Best of all, costs for the season are minimal and you get to shoot with fellow KNC shooters for camaraderie and picking up valuable technics to improve your shooting and thus your score.

If you are interested in participating in this handgun league, consider joining the Kincardine Nimrod Club and then contact the Captain by email.

After joining, if you are not sure…come out to one of our shoots … just let the Captain know so you can be scheduled into a slot… and don’t worry, we’ll coach you so you can feel comfortable with the format.

Kincardine WOHL Team Captain