Membership Fees – 2024

Single Membership

Operating Cost$105.00
Mandatory CSSA Membership$45.00
Capital Project Fund$50.00

Family Membership

Operating Cost$140.00
Mandatory CSSA Membership$80.00
Capital Project Fund$50.00

Junior Membership – Individual Minor

Operating Cost$33.00
Mandatory CSSA Membership$27.00

Non-Shooting Membership

Individual membership for a person who is not going to be using any of the ranges. No CSSA membership is required.$50.00

**CSSA is compulsory as every club member, by law, requires insurance for shooting activities. The CSSA provides $5 million of primary insurance for every member.** Details are available on: The annual operating cost portion of the fee is prorated. The CSSA fee is prorated for the months remaining until year end.

New members, either single or family, must pay an initiation fee of $100.00 upon application.