Pierson Archery Range

The Kincardine Nimrod Club has the use of an offsite property where we maintain an excellent archery range.

Broadheads are not permitted on this range.

Crossbows are permitted but can only shoot at targets whose speed rating is at or above that of the bow.

The initial target at the front of the range is a 4’x4′ target that can be shot from up to 60 yards distance. It makes an excellent sighting and pin setting target.

Progressing further into the range, there are then approximately ten 2D targets each located down it’s own lane that provides access to the target. Targets typically consist of coyotes, deer, antelope, bear, moose, etc. An archer progresses through the course shooting down each lane as they make their way to the rear of the range.

The majority of these targets are backed by Canadian manufactured Bulldog Target butts, some accommodating up to 450 fps.

Located in the bush adjacent to a stream makes for a beautiful setting for the avid archer.